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Standard Conveyors
This domain entails standardized conveyors used as modules in large conveying systems as well as individualized conveyors for numerous applications. A great number of belt conveyors, roller conveyors as well as vertical conveyors for the transportation of unit loads are available. With these conveyors, any kind of unit loads – from letters up to recycled materials – can be transported.

Plant Engineering
This domain entails the planning, production and commissioning with turnkey delivery of large conveying systems, which are used to direct internal workflows in trade, industry and automotive engineering.Our conveying systems incorporate material feeding and discharging systems, picking and pallet conveying systems including handling and processing technology.

Assembly and Storage Technology
In this domain, highly qualified engineers and technicians are available to find solutions to your specific requirements. Assembly lines and storage systems suitable for the material to be conveyed are primarily planned and manufactured there. Our product range includes conveying systems with roller conveyors and accumulation chain conveyors as well as rack feeders and handling systems.