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Belt conveyor 40.61 (40.60/40.62)

The angled conveyor type 4061 incorporates the latest technical expertise and is therefore especially suited to transport small unit loads as well as coarse-grained bulk goods. The fl exible modular construction of the 40.60 series as well as sealing lips on both sides of the belt and an additional “labyrinth” construction of the profi les make these conveyors particularly suitable for the evacuation of injection molding machines (transportation of parts out of the machine into a collection container), but they are also used in other production lines, storage or assembly areas.


  • Double support stand made from aluminum profile with threaded rod foot for level control, or central support stand with ACME threaded rod for height adjustment.
  • Support stands with castors.
  • Special belts suitable for food.
  • Belts with continuous sealing lip.
  • Hinge-joint plastic plate belts for special applications.
  • Electrical equipment (motor protection switch, cable, 3 prong grounded-plug).
  • Reversing switch for forward and reverse operation of the conveyor.
  • Digital stop and run timer (UFR 3).
  • Frequency converter for speed control.
  • Additional socket (e.g. to connect separators)

Technical Data

Load range

0 N/m – 200 N/m (0 kg/m – 20 kg/m)

(0 Lb/ft – 13 Lb/ft)

Speed (V)

0.1 m/s – 0.5 m/s (0.3 ft/s – 1.6 ft/s)

Between fram (BF)

170 / 270 / 370 / 470 / 570 mm (6.7”/10.6”/14.6”/18.5”/22.4”)

Bottom length (BL)

500 / 800 / 1200mm (19.7” / 31.5” / 47”)

Inclined length (IL)

500 mm – 3000 mm (19.7” – 9.8 ft)

in increments of 250 mm (9.8”)

Top length (TL)

550 mm (21.7”)


3-phase gear motor, 1/4 HP, 230/460 VAC, 60 HZ


Two-ply belts, made from PVC or PU,

with welded cleats, 20 mm high (0.8”)

(wide range of belt types available)

Running of the belt

Within the aluminum profile (and supported on each side)


Extruded anodized aluminum profile Al-105

Side guides

Extruded anodized aluminum profile Al-SF-78

Drive / Idler roller

Extruded anodized aluminum profile , Ø 63 mm (2.5”),

with inserted bearing pin made from steel

Tensioning station

Automatic tensioning station at idler end,

threaded rod steering mechanism at drive end

Temperature range

0°C to 45°C ambient (23°F to 122°F)