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Toothed belt conveyor type 55.70

The toothed belt conveyor type 55.70 was especially developed for the transportation of bulky goods, such as cardboard boxes, bins, crates etc. It features innovative materials like aluminum alloys, high-quality plastics and a sleek design. However, this all-purpose conveyor with its aluminum profiles and longitudinal side guides for easy fi xing of numerous additional components is not only used for the transportation of bulky goods, but can also be applied in assembly areas. Our standard toothed belt conveyors offer two different toothed belt widths and two or more toothed belt traces. The selection of the suitable conveyor depends on the particular load. If you link individual components, toothed belt conveyors can also be used for accumulating goods.

Technical Data

Load range

0 N/m – 1000 N/m (0 kg/m – 100 kg/m)

(0 Lb/ft – 67 Lb/ft)

Speed (V)

0.05 m/s – 1 m/s (0.16 ft/s – 3.3 ft/s)

3 m/min – 60 m/min (9.8 ft/min – 196.8 ft/min)

Toothed belt center to

center distance

300 mm – 1000 mm in increments of 50 mm

(11.8” – 3.3 ft) in increments of (2”)

Conveyor length (CL)

1000 mm– 6000 mm in increments of 500 mm

(3.3 ft – 19.7 ft) in increments of (1.6 ft)

Toothed belt:

25 mm wide / pitch 10 mm

(1.0”) wide / pitch (0.4”)


Center drive up to 1HP

3-phase, 230/460 VAC, 60 Hz

- numerous accessories available –


  • Variable speed by electronic frequency converter.
  • Gear motors for 230/460 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Support legs with castors.
  • Motor protection switch with cable and 3 prong grounded plug.
  • Reversing switch for backward and forward movement
  • Adjustable side guides made from aluminum extrusions or according to your special requirements.