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Rotary Table Type 58.00, 68.00, 78.00

for Loads up to 100 kg (220 Lb), 350 kg (772 Lb) and 1200 kg (2646 Lb)

Rotary tables type 58.00, 68.00 and 78.00 are used to turn unit loads, e.g. pallets and slave boards, at angles of 90° and 180°. AXMANN rotary tables consist of a solid steel welded base frame and a rotating assembly with hardened guide elements. The support stands of the frame can be adjusted accurately plus or minus 50 mm (2".) The rotary motion of the types 58.00 and 68.00 is achieved by using a chain clamped at the rotating assembly and a chain connection to a gearmotor which is separately installed at the base frame. For type 78.00, the drive power is directly transmitted to a toothed turntable bearing installed at the rotating assembly. The end position is secured by inductive sensors. In addition, the rotary table is equipped with two mechanical overtravel switches to avoid damages of mechanical parts should the inductive sensors fail. When using electrical superstructures, the cables in the rotary area are carried in energy chain cable carriers (type 68.00 and 78.00), whereas rotary tables type 58.00 are delivered without energy chain cable carriers. In this case, the cables are freely suspended inside the rotating assembly. Due to the different types of adaptor support stands, all components of the AXMANN product range can be mounted on the rotary table.

Shuttle Type 69.00 and Type 79.00

for Loads up to 50 kg (110 Lb) and 1200 kg (2646 Lb)

The shuttles type 69.00 and 79.00 are designed for the transverse transportation of unit loads, e.g. pallets and slave boards, up to 350 kg (772 Lb) respectively 1200 kg (2646 Lb). The shuttle is equipped with low noise and wear-resistant Vulkollan wheels and travels on a double tracked rail system made from HTE steel rails. A direct wheel drive is applied for low speeds or long distances, whereas a toothed belt drive has to be used for higher speeds of more than 1 m/s (3.3 ft/s). This toothed belt runs through the transfer drive, which is mounted on the shuttle, in an omega-shaped loop for better power transmission. It will be fixed to the ground with a tensioning station on either side of the transfer path. During operation, the shuttle is pulled along the toothed belt. Due to the position of the drive, goods can be transferred directly on the base frame at a minimum height of 500 mm (19.7”). Moreover, the shuttle’s base frame construction allows the combination with all other components of the AXMANN product range. It can be combined with a roller conveyor, a chain conveyor as well as a telescoping fork.