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Belt Conveyors

The left hand and right hand position should be found when either standing at the drive side of the conveyor or at the end of the conveyor section facing the same direction as the direction of travel.

Belt conveyors are used for the transportation of uneven shaped products, commonly in incline or ecline sections. Many different types of belt conveyors are available to solve almost any imaginable conveying problem. The products are conveyed on a flat belt (two-ply polyester with PVC or PU coating) running on slider beds within the conveyor. Gear motors are used to drive the conveyor.

Examples Of Conveyed Goods:

  • All kinds of small parts
  • Cartons
  • Plastic tote bins
  • Slave boards

Typical Applications:

  • Simple transportation
  • Assembly lines
  • Incline and decline sections


  • Individual modules can easily be combined and driven by using one single drive.
  • Belt conveyor modules can easily be combined with other light and medium duty conveyor modules.
  • Simple installation of modules on site.
  • Simple installation of sensors and control peripherals using profile “T” slots.
  • Pre-assembled modules for immediate use.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Fully protected conveyor ends and belt end terminals, therefore ideal for overhead use.
  • 80 mm (3.1”) side guides (or according to your specifications).
  • Integral cable ducts.
  • Modern aesthetic design.

General Technical Data:

  • Load range: 0 N/m – 500 N/m (0 kg/m – 50 kg/m) (0 Lb/ft – 34 Lb/ft)
  • Speed range: 0.2 m/s – 2 m/s (0.7 ft/s – 6.6 ft/s) (12 m/min – 120 m/min)
  • (40 ft/min – 400 ft/min)
  • Lane width (EL): 310 mm – 1010 mm (12.2“ – 3.3 ft)
  • Temperature range: 0°C to 45°C ambient (23°F to 122°F)