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Vertical Conveyor

for Automated Conveying Systems

AXMANN vertical conveyors are constructed for automated conveying systems and should not be mistaken for freight or passanger elevators. The vertical conveyors consist of a platform mast with drive, a platform carriage within roller guide and a driven conveyor component for feeding and discharging. Depending on the type, toothed belts or chains are used for the lift motion. In case of small lifting heights, it is also possible to employ pneumatic lifting cylinders. The lifting fork forms the substructure for the installation of a roller conveyor, a chain conveyor or other modules. Each vertical conveyor module will be equipped with sensors, e.g. switches or photoelectric sensors. Vertical conveyors can either be delivered as complete modules with integrated control system or as mechanical components for a conveying system. In addition to our production program, freight elevators are also available.