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Ball Table Type 51.14

Ball tables incorporate standard Ø 25 mm (1”) stainless steel ball units fitted into a flat steel sub frame. This sub frame is then fitted into standard aluminum side frames to allow smooth integration of the ball table section into a conveyor system. Ball table sections enable the user to move a product freely with very little force. Ball tables are usually used at workstation and inspection areas of a conveying system.

Technical Data

Load range

0 N/m – 1000 N/m (0 kg/m – 100 kg/m) (0 Lb/ft – 67 Lb/ft)

Between frame (BF)

210 mm to 1010 mm (8.3” – 39.8”)

Module length (ML)

up to 3000 mm (10 ft)

Temperature range

0°C to 45°C ambient (23°F to 122°F)

Profile combinations

Profile 120 & profile 80 – available on either side


The speed and functionality of conveyors using gravity as the driving force can only be determined by application specific testing due to variables such as conveyor length, product weight, susceptibility of product, etc.

Scope of supply

Each ball table module is supplied fully assembled as specified, without support stands and end caps


Non-conductive ball tables are available on request.