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90°-Transfer with Excentric Lift Type 66.04

The chain transfer is used for feeding or discharging goods – especially boxes or pallets – at an angle of 90° to the flow. It consists of a conveyor module, i.e. a standard component of the AXMANN product range, with an electromechanical lifting mechanism. The lifting movement results from motor-driven excentric cranks. The crank roller runs inside the lift framework. Adjustable proximity switches activate the brake of the lifting motor and thus restrict the lifting movement. The basic construction consists of a frame made from formed steel which is in turn supported by threaded rod feet. The goods will be transferred when the lift is in raised position. Like this, it is possible to transfer respectively to convey the goods at an angle of 90°. This transfer device is very reliable and durable due to its high-quality components. The maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum, only the chain tension has to be readjusted from time to time.

Chain or roller conveyors may be used as superstructure

The transfer module with motor-driven excentric lift serves as basic module for transferring unit loads up to a weight of 1200 kg (2646 Lb). It can be combined with a roller conveyor type 73.22 or a chain conveyor type 77.20. The choice of the suitable transfer type primarily depends on the goods to be conveyed and the conveyor type it should be integrated in. The lifting movement of 40 mm (1.6”) is carried out by four excentric rollers and a central gearmotor sized for 1/2 HP and 3/4 HP depending on the load. The top frame is guided by four guide rollers which run along a guide rail at the outermost points of the base frame. Therefore, the transfer does not have much play at the top frame.