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Vertical Conveyor Type 60.00

Aluminum Light Lifter

AXMANN vertical conveyors are constructed for automated conveying systems and should not be mistaken for freight or passanger elevators. The vertical conveyor consists of a platform mast and a platform carriage on which a conveying component will be mounted. The platform mast is a torsion proof and stiff column construction made from aluminum profile with steel guiding rails as well as base plates and cross-bars. It can be doweled according to structural conditions. The platform carriage is a torsion proof and stiff construction with adjustable and easily accessible guide rollers. A chain (for type 60.20) or a toothed belt (for type 60.70) is used for lift motion. For small lifting heights up to approx. 900 mm (36") it is also possible to employ type 60.90 with pneumatic lifting cylinders.

Technical Data

Maximum load

150 kg (1500 N) (331 Lb)

Height (H)

min. 400 mm (15.7”) / max. 5000 mm (16.4 ft)

Lifting speed

Up to max. 0.8 m/s (48m/min) (2.6 ft/s (157,5 ft/min)); frequency controlled(frequency converter provided by customer)

Platform mast

torsion proof and stiff aluminum profiles 200 x 80 mm (7.9 x 3.1”)

Platform carriage

rugged welded steel construction, guiding rollers made from PU Ø 100 mm (3.9”)

Counter weight

For loads over 70 kg (154 Lb) a counter weight is used additionally. It is calculated considering the weight of the platform carriage + half the weight of the load, guiding by PU rollers.

Lift drive

1 three-phase motor, frequency controlled, directly slipped onto the drive shaft.


type 60.20 – 2 roller chains 1“ x 17.02 mm (0.7”) (16B-2)
type 60.70 – 2 toothed belts HTD 8M-80

Fixing of the lifter

The lifter will be installed in the intermediate ceiling area or on an intermediate steel platform.


ten times safety factor against chain failure

How to order

see page 120