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Vertical Conveyor Type 70.01

Two-Column Steel Version up to 1200 kg (2646 Lb)

Lifting stations and so-called vertical conveyors are used for the interconnection of different transport levels. The two-column lifting stations are especially suited for lifting loads with a weight of 100 kg (220 Lb) up to 1200 kg (2646 Lb). The vertical conveyors consist of a two-column steel base framework reinforced by crossbars. The lift carriage runs outside these two base columns. A corresponding AXMANN conveyor module will be installed on the lift carriage. Chain conveyors or roller conveyors can be mounted on top of each other in one or two levels on the lift carriage. The lift carriage is supported by Vulkollan rollers, which ensure a durable and low-noise operation. The counter weights also run inside the base framework. They reduce the drive power and are sized for half the weight of the load. For the lifting motion of the two-column lifting station, you can choose between three versions: with chain (type 70.21), with toothed belt (type 70.71) or with belts (type 70.81). A maintenance platform, a ladder to reach the platform, an electromotive locking of the lift carriage at the end positions and a standby drive are optional. The basic scope of supply of each lifting station includes a manual maintenance locking at the drive shaft.

Technical data

Load range

1000 N – 12000 N (100 kg – 1200 kg) (220 Lb – 2646 Lb)

Speed (V)

0.5 m/s (30 m/min) (1.6 ft/s (98.4 ft/min)) up to
1 m/s (60 m/min) (3.3 ft/s (196.8 ft/min))

Lift method

70.21 – chain
70.71 – toothed belt
70.81 – rubber belt with intermediate layer made from aramid cord


3-phase gearmotor, 1 HP to 1 1/2 HP
230/460 VAC, 60 Hz, depending on the load.

Temperature range

0°C to 45°C ambient. (23°F to 122°F)

Motor protection

IP 54

Scope of supply

Depending on the lifting height, the lifting station type 70.01 can be supplied fully
assembled. It consists of the base framework, the drive shaft including manual maintenance locking, the lifting carriage and the counter weight.


Electromotive locking of the lift carriage
Maintenance platform
Ladder for maintenance platform
Standby drive